For over 25 years, we have been offering one of the world’s finest quality honey.

We produce honey from the following flowers: acacia, linden, sunflower, rape, polyfloral. Each type of honey has its own characteristics and benefits.
  • Polyfloral honey – is indicated for physical or intellectual fatigue, debility, states of convalescence, growth disorders. Polyfloral honey is considered the most complex type of honey, encompassing nectar from a few dozen, if not hundreds, of medicinal plant species, and borrowing their therapeutic properties.
  • Linden honey – has the most pleasant and strongest flavour of all types of honey. Appealing in colour and with greenish reflections, it crystallizes slightly, especially if it is kept cool. Contains trace elements of potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is recommended as a remedy against fatigue and stress, and it is used as a sedative of the nervous system, in insomnia, and as prevention of migraines.
  • Acacia honey – ranging from white to yellow in colour, it is fragrant and clear. It has a discrete flavour, making it most appreciated by children. It sweetens foods and teas without distorting their taste. This natural fluid is rich in fructose and low in glucose. It has, like linden honey, physically calming properties. Because of its low glucose content, diabetics can also consume it moderately.
  • Sunflower honey – is at the opposite pole from linden honey. It has physical and general tonic properties, stimulating immunity. It is useful in atherosclerosis and has anti-bacterial properties. It is used as medicine in the treatment of bronchitis and stomach diseases. It contains a lot of glucose, which creates large, irregular crystals.
  • Rape honey – white to pale yellow, it is abundant in glucose, which makes it crystallize quickly, even in the first two weeks after the combs are extracted. It contains trace elements, especially calcium and boron. Of creamy texture, emollient and pleasant tasting, it’s less sweet than the acacia honey.
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